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3.1m SafeStow4 Gas Assisted Ladder Loader

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SafeStow Ladder Loader

The perfect tool for transporting ladder systems on the roof of your vehicle.

The SafeStow4 provides you with safe, secure and effortless ladder storage and handling. It totally eliminates the need to climb onto the roof of the vehicle or stretch in order to store and secure ladders. Instead, they mount and dismount with minimal effort all from the safety of ground level, thanks to gas ram assisted lifting.

Available in four versions:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Extra-wide
  • Special-purpose (Designed specifically for fibre glass ladders)

Important: All SafeStow4 systems require a minimum of 3 roof bars or roof rack cross tubes for correct installation and to ensure a long service life.

60kg load limit

24 Month Warranty on all Van Racking

36 Month Warranty

Made in the UK

20g crash tested

2 belts top and bottom to hold ladder tightly in place and eliminate rattling

2 cross bars with rubber inlay to cushion and protect the ladder, minimising any risk of abrasive damage

Beltstow system to secure strap when not transporting a ladder

Composite ladder support with replaceable rubber anti-rattle inlay

Rubber inserts on the brace bar, reducing rattling noise while in transit (A padlock can be added)

Front cross rail rubber bumper stops

SafeClamp for additional layer of anti-vibration support

Four load stops as standard, catering for different width ladders, minimising any damage to the ladders while in transit

Key Features

  • New Additional 3kg weight saving achieved over previous SafeStow3 model - increased payload
  • New Enhanced ladder protection - Upgraded Beltstow and anti-vibration assemblies
  • Enables safe loading and unloading of roof mounted ladder systems from ground level
  • Four versions available (single, double, extra-wide and special-purpose)
  • Fully adjustable gas-ram assisted lifting and lowering • Constructed from highly robust aluminium alloy with stainless steel components
  • Improved aerodynamic design • Extremely secure and lockable for added security (padlock not included)
  • Available in 2.2 or 3.1 metre lengths
  • Load Stops included
  • SafeStow4® has a load limit of 60kg*
  • Designed specifically to fit to Rhino Products roof bar and roof rack systems
  • TUV Rheinland Certified & 20g crash tested

Loading and Unloading Assistance

With the SafeStow4, ladders can be mounted and dismounted with minimal effort all from the safety of ground level, thanks to adjustable gas rams – offering five different positions to accommodate various ladder weights to fully optimise the assisted lifting and lowering performance based on your vehicle

Belt straps & storage

The SafeStow4’s BeltStow system utilises two straps to pull the ladder in place tightly to minimise any movement while in transit or while deploying ladders. The innovative BeltStow system also ensures that both straps can be stored when a ladder is not being held – preventing them moving freely and noisily during transit.

Two cross bars with rubber inlay

The SafeStow4 comes with 2 cross bars with rubber inlay to cushion and protect the ladder, minimising any risk of abrasive damage. The introduction of rubber inlays ensure that your ladder doesn’t come into contact with the aluminium of the SafeStow4 at any point, to prevent damage occurring.

Free SafeClamp

Our industry leading ladder clamp is included as standard, securing the ladder downwards while the SafeStow4’s straps pull it in opposite lateral directions. Two SafeClamps are provided for double SafeStow4 systems.

SafeStow Technical Specifications:.

Main Body Aluminum Alloy / Anodised
Fittings Stainless Steel
BeltStow Stainless Steel
Anti-Vibration Assembly Glass Filled Nylon
Assembly and fitting time 90 minutes
Load Stops Glass Filled Nylon
Max Load Limit 60kg
Weight from 51.56kg to 66.57kg

Single Ladder SafeStow4

Our standard SafeStow4 is designed for handling and transporting of a single ladder. It can be positioned to either the right or left hand side a vehicle’s roof. Any SafeStow4 model can easily be upgraded to one of the other variants simply by purchasing the relevant fitting kit

Double Ladder SafeStow4

Our double SafeStow4 is designed to accommodate the loading and unloading of two regular ladders. It features the same main rail but longer cross bars to support both ladders. Two sets of beltstow straps and two SafeClamps are included to keep both of the ladders firmly in place during transit.

Extra-Wide Ladder SafeStow4

We aim to make sure the SafeStow4 accommodates all common ladder types, we therefore offer a version that is tailored to extra-wide ladders. The SK23 must be positioned centrally on the roof of your van and include two longer length cross bars to support the ladder.

Double CAT Ladder SafeStow

In order to accommodate the wheels of a CAT ladder, we offer a special kit that comes with five spacer blocks to raise one of the two cross bars supplied at the front of the system. The double CAT ladder SafeStow4 comes with longer cross bars which support two ladders, allowing a regular and CAT ladder to be transported at once.


Double CAT Ladder, Extra Wide Ladder, One Ladder, Two Ladders