A plumber’s van storage needs are unique to their trade.

Any seasoned plumber will tell you it is vital to have your plumbing tools organised and accessible in your van at all times… ready for any plumbing situation!

Plumbing van shelves need to conveniently house clearing clogs, pipe wrenches – and everything in between.. all while maintaining a professional appearance.

Here some key van racking ideas to make your plumbing van (large or small) work for you:

1. Stack ‘em high (and label them!)

Van shelves are the perfect solution to maximise vertical space in a plumber’s van. Stacking plumbing tools and supplies from floor level, up the sides and bulkhead of your van can ensure that everything is easily accessible for all situations.

Labelling your van shelves and their compartments is a great way to keep them organised too… especially if you have an apprentice on board!

2. Big objects at the bottom, small at the top

This is a good idea for any van large or small, but in plumbing van storage it allows you to keep the smaller tools (the ones you use all the time!) within easy reach in the upper shelves. By securing heavier items like generators and drain cleaning machines at the floor of the vehicle, you can lift them properly, reducing risk of back injury.

3. Location is key

You’ll know which plumbing tools and gear you use the most often, so try keeping those at the quickest access point, in relation to your preferred door of the van. If you always use the van’s side door to get in and out, don’t put your thread sealing tape at the lowest shelf at the rear of the van.

4. Health and Safety

Always keep a health and safety kit in your plumbing van, making sure it is easy to access. Keep your health and safety kit close to your van entrance at all times, ensuring it is always well stocked and reachable. You definitely don’t want to have to go searching for it when you have a hand tool injury.Everyday PPE, like goggles and ear protection are essential items in a plumber’s van shelves, so definitely deserve their own compartment to ensure daily use.

5. Keep it clean!

Our van racks are perfect for getting your plumber’s tools organised, but keeping them clean and tidy is just as important. Keeping a rubbish bin on your van is a great way to resist putting any trash on your storage shelves. Keep a supply of cleaning products and sanitiser wipes in your van storage as well; this way you can keep everything clean on board the van, making sure your tools and supplies are presentable when your customers see them in use.

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