Van Racking Storage Solutions for Electricians

Our racking has helped organise vans of all trades, with electricians regularly choosing Vanify shelves.

Just look at this textbook example from our friends at Hyde Electrical Division, which shows just how an electrician’s van should look! Organised and professional, providing easy to access everything that an electrician needs in their workday.

van racking for an electrician

Here are a few van racking ideas to better organise the electrical tools and supplies in your own van.

  1. Compartment shelves + angled toolbox shelves

    An electrician’s van storage needs to accommodate lots of small parts – so compartment shelves are ideal for keeping these organised and accessible. Angled shelves – as can be seen at the offside front of this van – are perfect for storing bulkier items like tool boxes and electrical cables.
  2. Utilise your floor space

    Van racks are at the sides of the van for a reason. Yes, they can be secured to the walls of the van, but also… just look at this exemplary use of floorspace! All of the biggest items that you’ll take out during the day can be stored on the floor, provided they are secured so that they don’t move during a journey.
  3. Cords to keep taller objects in place

    Our van shelves are spaced apart to allow plenty of vertical space on all levels. If you are storing anything taller than the compartment wall-height, you can fix cords to the sides of the racking to ensure nothing falls out when you’re driving to your next job.
  4. Keep things organised.

    If your van looks as organised and tidy as this one, it will make for a much easier work-day. Make sure you put things back in the compartments you took them out of (this may be worth telling an apprentice), and label them if necessary. We can help you get your van organised… the tricky part can be to keep it that way!
  5. Big wipes, big wipes, big wipes!

    Who doesn’t need big wipes? They’re an essential item on board an electrician’s van, enabling you to keep your gear clean and presentable for each job, and to clean up as you work. Big Wipes come with a very handy bracket too, which fits perfectly on to the end panel of our racking units.

Thanks again to Hyde Electrical Division, for sharing your exemplary electrician’s van storage with us!